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Sacresa Trusts Gesvalt with Project Monitoring Service in Barcelona

1 de August de 2019

The service provided by Gesvalt “responded to our working method, giving us comfort, agility and confidence in such an important part as project financing”, according to Guillem Martí, from Sacresa’s Finance Department.

Sacresa Trusts Gesvalt with Project Monitoring Service in Barcelona

Real estate developer Sacresa was seeking an agile partner to control the evolution of a real estate project in Barcelona, one with the capability to anticipate unforeseen events and with the ability to respond to unexpected circumstances that might arise at the worksite. Gesvalt was the consulting firm selected to conduct the Project Monitoring service for the Cor Hàbitat multi-family building in Sant Joan Despí.
Gesvalt’s added value: in addition to the experience in this type of work, Gesvalt offered the flexibility commitment Sacresa was seeking for the real estate development project that would allow informed decision-making.

What is Gesvalt’s expertise in Project Monitoring?

Gesvalt Property Services provides Project Monitoring and Cost Control services throughout Spain, with presence in the major cities. Clients trust in Gesvalt’s guarantees and in-depth knowledge of regulatory & legal, workplace safety and financial viability issues, which are essential to successfully carry out a service like this.

We spoke with Guillem Martí, from Sacresa’s Finance Department and interlocutor with Gesvalt in this project

Would you recommend carrying out a project of this nature with Gesvalt?
Sacresa’s experience with Gesvalt has been very satisfactory; its Project Monitoring services have responded to our working method at all times, giving us comfort, agility and confidence in such an important part as project financing, where the role of Project Monitoring, situated between the financial institution and the developer, is so important.
Without a doubt, I would highly recommend hiring their services to anyone within our industry and market segment.
Is there anything else you would like to highlight about working with Gesvalt and the added value we provide?
As mentioned, their ability to adapt to the different scenarios that a project may face was key to us. No real estate project is identical to another, there are always differences and unexpected events occur on more than one occasion. This requires all agents involved to be agile and flexible, and Project Monitoring has become in recent years a key agent that may speed up or obstruct the normal course of a development project. Therefore, the ability of this agent to maintain rigour and reliability in its work while providing agility and adaptability to different scenarios is key.
The function of Project Monitoring is to conduct the entire follow-up of the real estate development project from the initial report to completion of the project, ensuring its proper functioning and progress (a kind of continuous audit). This requires a lot of documentation, work and rigour that must be done through the developer in most cases.
A great Project Monitoring service is one that accomplishes its goal in a professional manner without affecting neither the project development timeframes (already long in themselves) nor the project developer. In this regard, Gesvalt fully achieved this goal.