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Has foreign residential investment in Spain been affected in 2020?

Indeed there has been a strong impact on the purchase of foreign residential assets in Spain due to 3 reasons.

Spain housing price fall moderated in the first quarter of the year, with a 0.6% drop

The year-on-year decrease places the average sale price in Spain at € 1,388 per sq. m, getting close to the price stabilisation expected for mid-2021.

Build to Rent to Boost Housing Investment in Spain, with over 15% Growth in 2021

Investment in office space has declined by 50% in 2020, while demand in the logistics sector has increased, especially in Madrid and Barcelona.

Gesvalt tops the valuation rankings

The real estate assessment sector continues to grow in Spain. Gesvalt, an independent company specialising in consulting and valuing assets, are climbing up the rankings in terms of billing and number of operations.

What is an REIT? Everything you need to know about the new buzzword for investors

Let us explain what REIT, a word that has received a lot of attention since the end of the economic crisis, really means.

Valuation of Brands and Intangibles: Keys to Measure and Create Value

Brand valuation represents a key point for decision-making for a company and for investors. It is one of the essential values in the negotiation of merger, acquisition, spin-off and investment search processes. For a brand to develop its full potential, it is necessary to create a strategy that takes advantage of critical value drivers.