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Valuation of Startups

Corporate Advisory

What is a startup?

It is a newly created company born from the development of an idea, opening new sectors of activity, without history, competition, or references.

Why turn to an advisor?

The valuation of a startup is a complex process, with multiple implications and long-term processes that normally must be defended in front of experienced investors.

When to request a valuation?

Startups go through different stages, each of which requires different returns proportional to its risk, types of investor, sources of financing and business strategies.

Ideally, the valuation should be requested from the second stage, when the project begins to gain some visibility and can provide confidence in the early funding rounds.

How can we help you?

Gesvalt has extensive experience in the valuation of this type of companies, providing rigour, confidence, credibility, risk mitigation, analysis and contingency plans.

Furthermore, we can provide advice on their financing and valuation of other intangible assets, such as software, patents, industrial designs, etc.

Consultor Gesvalt
Roberto Guiñales
Head of Financial Valuation