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Sustainability Certifications

Real Estate Advisory

Gesvalt offers support to its clients in the analysis, development and achievement of the goals and benefits of Sustainability. For this reason, the company provides, in a committed and professional manner, acknowledged international certifications such as BREEAM or LEED to assist companies in the analysis and certification of their sustainability strategy.

In this way, Gesvalt helps organizations comply with the Sustainable Development Goals, making them more competitive and prepared for the new demands of the markets.

Which Sustainability Certifications Do We Offer?

BREEAM and LEED are certification systems that aim to meet the needs and regulations required at the international level, being a highly differentiating element for projects at the national level.

  • BREEAM CERTIFICATION: International rating system, developed by the UK-based organization BRE Global, which allows to measure the degree of environmental sustainability in buildings. BREEAM assesses the performance of buildings over a wide range of environmental, social and economic issues, giving a rating of PASS, GOOD, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT or OUTSTANDING.
  • LEED CERTIFICATION: LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification is a globally recognised system used to determine the sustainability of buildings.
  • WELL CERTIFICATION (WELL Building Standard): is a sustainable building certification which places an emphasis on the health and well-being of the people who occupy the buildings. The methodology is based around 10 concepts: air, water, food, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community. Each concept comes with a series of mandatory prerequisites, plus optional optimisations that carry additional points. The sum of the points determines the building’s final rating, which can be silver, gold or platinum.
  • FITWEL CERTIFICATION (Facility Innovations Toward Wellness Environment Leadership): is the most recent sustainable building certification and focuses more on promoting healthy lifestyles among a building’s users. The methodology is based on 12 strategies: building location; building access; building entrance; stairways; indoor communal spaces; outdoor communal spaces; dining spaces; work spaces; meeting spaces; resting spaces; general health policies; specific health policies. Each strategy has indicators for which points are awarded. The total number of points determines the building’s rating, which can be one star (minimum), two stars (mid-range) or three stars (maximum).

How can Gesvalt help?

As an associate member of the Green Building Council Spain (GBCe), Gesvalt has a team of experts to offer advice on the most appropriate certification for the company, adding value to the process and development of the project.

In addition to providing advice on sustainable certifications, Gesvalt also provides support to its clients in all the necessary fields to offer comprehensive advice in relation to energy audits for large companies and environmental Due Diligence.

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