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Expert reports in arbitration and litigation proceedings

Corporate Advisory

What are Expert Reports?

These are expert opinions or reports provided as evidence, either upon request of a party or ex officio, in civil, criminal or arbitration proceedings.

What does our service comprise?

We produce independent reports on technical issues with economic implications in various disputes, so that they can be used as a basis for potential damage occurred in the event of compensation claims.

We also attend court hearings to ratify the report, relying on a team specialising in different fields and with experience in court at the time of arguing an opinion and defending complex issues in a clear and understandable way to help achieve a favourable resolution.

We also provide counter-expert reports or opposing evidence to refute original reports, under a critical and rigorous opinion duly argued and supported by the specific knowledge of our team.

What are the areas in which we operate?

We act in civil, commercial, criminal, labour and administrative judicial areas, as well as arbitration courts.

Why Gesvalt?

We have a cross-cutting team of professionals specialising in areas such as: finance, accounting, tax, real estate, industry, etc., all of them familiar with the provision of support to legal advisors in the different stages of the conflict process.

Our services

  • Independent expert advice
  • Assistance in private or legal disputes
  • Opinion on the Fair Value of assets
  • Solvency and liquidation reports
  • Valuations in the event of inheritance distribution, division of joint property, dissolution of community property, etc.
Consultor Gesvalt
Pedro Álvarez
Head of Financial Valuation