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Project Monitoring

What is Project Monitoring & Cost Control?

Project Monitoring and Cost Control represents a very efficient tool for controlling the investments made by financial institutions, investment funds and developers in real estate developments. This service allows technical-financial monitoring of:

  • Execution and construction cost according to scheduled project specifications
  • Developer’s legal and administrative requirements
  • Planning and advance of the real estate development
  • Financial and budgetary management of the real estate development
  • Fulfilment of objectives in terms of time and cost


What are the purposes of Project Monitoring & Cost Control?

It serves to verify that:

  • All project specifications have been executed and budgeted
  • The real estate development has all the necessary permits and meets all legal obligations
  • The project is executed as planned and budgeted, and according to the time and cost schedule

Gesvalt offers Project Monitoring & Cost Control services throughout Spain. You can find us in the main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, etc.


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