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Preparing a Green Financing framework

Corporate Advisory

A green financing framework is a document that sets out the principles and procedures an entity will follow when issuing green bonds or loans. These financial instruments aim to finance projects that contribute to climate change mitigation or adaptation, the protection of natural resources, the transition to a low-carbon economy or improving environmental quality.

This type of financing must comply with the voluntary principles established by the ICMA (International Capital Markets Association) or other recognised bodies, including: defining eligible green project categories, the project evaluation and selection process, the management of funds raised, and the reporting of the environmental impact of the projects financed.

Gesvalt is a company specialising in valuation, consultation and management of assets in the real estate, financial and industrial sectors. Developing green financing frameworks is one of its areas of expertise. A green financing framework is based on four principles: use of funds, the project evaluation and selection process, the management of funds and the reporting of environmental impact. Gesvalt can assist companies in each of these areas by offering the following services:

  • Market analysis, identifying green finance opportunities for the company, including the sectors, activities and projects that may be eligible for this type of instrument.
  • Compiling the green finance framework, following international best practices and standards recognised by investors, such as the Green Bond Principles, the Green Lending Principles and the EU Green Taxonomy.
  • Valuation of green assets or projects, applying specific methodologies that consider the environmental, social and economic benefits generated.
  • Advice on obtaining an external opinion or certification that validates compliance with the green financing framework and brings credibility and transparency to the process.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting on key performance and environmental impact indicators for projects financed with the green instrument, as well as on the allocation and management of funds.

Why choose Gesvalt to help?

Gesvalt has a multidisciplinary, experienced team in the field of sustainability and green finance. We will guide the company throughout the process and facilitate access to a growing market with high investor demand.

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