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Industrial Valuation and Advisory

Corporate Advisory

What is Industrial Advisory?

Within our Industrial Advisory services, we offer independent expert advice through valuations in different scenarios, applying internationally used valuation approaches.

What type of assets does this service include?

This service covers assets of a diverse nature, from complex industrial facilities to recreational vessels, vehicles or works of art, among others.

What types of service do we offer?

At Gesvalt’s Industrial Valuation Department we provide valuation and advisory services involving facilities and capital goods.

  • Valuation of industrial facilities, production lines, machinery, furniture, computer equipment, vehicles, boats and works of art, among others.
  • Industrial advisory, when the client’s needs go beyond valuation (asset inventories and physical-accounting reconciliations, useful life studies, etc.).

Who is it intended for?

In view of the wide variety of asset types covered by this service, our client portfolio is made up of corporations, multinationals, SMEs, public administrations and individuals.

What can it be used for?

The purposes are very diverse depending on the needs of each type of client. The main reasons for contracting this service are the following:

Valuation-related: Compliance with accounting regulations (IFRS); business combination processes (PPA); need for financing / refinancing; calculation of sums insured in property damage policies; sale and purchase processes; justification of subsidies; insolvency proceedings; seizure of assets; litigation proceedings; dissolutions; inheritances.

Advisory-related: Improvement of asset management (asset inventory / physical-accounting reconciliation); modification of depreciation policies (useful life study).

Why choose Gesvalt?

Gesvalt’s Industrial Valuation team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, with the necessary expertise and accreditation to take on all types of projects in this field with high reliability for our clients.

Consultor Gesvalt
Pedro Álvarez
Head of Industrial Valuations