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Energy Audits for Large Companies

Real Estate Advisory

When is it necessary to carry out an energy audit on a company?

Large companies (those having at least 250 employees or a turnover of at least €50 million as well as at least €43 million of total annual balance sheet) are under the regulatory framework of Royal Decree 56/2016, which makes it mandatory to carry out an energy audit every 4 years. The regulatory scope aims to cover at least 85% of the total final energy consumption of all facilities located in the national territory of the company.

This requirement also applies to Groups of Companies, as defined in Article 42 of the Commercial Code, which, taking into account the aggregate figures of all the companies that make up the consolidated group, meet the aforementioned requirements of a large company.

In conclusion, the conduct of an energy audit is mandatory for companies classified as large companies for at least two financial years.

How can Gesvalt help?

As an associate member of the Green Building Council Spain (GBCe), Gesvalt has a team of experts in all the necessary fields to offer comprehensive advice in relation to energy audits for large companies, BREEAM, LEED, VERDE certifications and environmental Due Diligence.

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