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Sustainability services

Among our sustainability services, we offer the conduct of ESG and sustainability analysis in real estate assets, environmental due diligence, decarbonisation processes and advice to companies subject to NFRD, carried out by a team of experts in this field.

Financial Valuations

Knowing the value of a business is the starting point for strategic decision making. The most common reasons for having a business valued include: the search for financing, the sale of the company or distribution in the event of inheritance or corporate conflicts. In addition, it serves as a business analysis tool.


Valuation of Intellectual Property

Gesvalt, as a leading company in the valuation of intangible assets, offers intellectual property valuation services, including patents, brands, software, business secrets, real rights, etc. aimed at giving professional advice that provides the client with solutions and strategies that serve as support in making strategic, accounting, tax-related, financial and legal decisions.

Last success stories

New lifestyles and stabilising investment set to increase demand for country estates in 2024

The recovery of investment, young people’s increased access to rural settings and enhanced productivity owing to technology will be the main challenges for the sector this year.

Higher demand for rental housing and other trends for 2024

Residential assets will continue to be a favourite choice for domestic and international investors due to their robust nature in any scenario and their long-term appreciation potential.

House prices continue to rise,although growth slows to 2.1%

This is the eleventh consecutive house price increase, although for the first time in this period the increase is less than 3%.