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Más de 20 años asesorando compañías privadas y entidades públicas.
Operaciones corporativas para la toma de decisiones en el desarrollo de grandes operaciones corporativas.

Valuation Company, Advisory and Valuations

Gesvalt is an independent valuation company specializing in asset advisory and valuation. Approved by the Bank of Spain, Gesvalt is recognized as a reference firm thanks to its long experience in the industry.

The company has national and international presence, with 16 offices in Spain and the ability to act in 40 of the most important cities in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

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Is Spain still an interesting real estate market?

International investors view Spain as one of the most interesting real estate markets in southern Europe, as shown by the excellent economic and investment data taken last year.

Torbel Investment, the third REIT from Blackstone that Gesvalt has valued

Gesvalt has once again been chosen by Blackstone to carry out a valuation of the new REIT Torbel, before its Initial Public Offering.

Gesvalt carries out valuation on the Madrid Metro’s fixed assets

The project also took into account the Madrid General Directorate for Roads and Infrastructures assets which belong to the Metro network.