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Valuation and Advisory services for

Religious Institutions


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Gesvalt understands the needs of Religious Institutions and offers adapted services

Gesvalt is today the reference Advisor for a large number of Religious Institutions, understanding the actual work of the Church and investing in their needs, conducting training courses for their ecclesiastical administrators to help them understand the need to optimize their assets.

Thanks to the profound dedication and professionalism of its employees, Gesvalt has managed to gain total confidence of the Religious Institutions, which consider Gesvalt as their best reference advisor for the optimization of real estate assets, identifying and documenting the assets of the congregations, carrying out an inventory to be able to analyse and optimize the real estate costs and to obtain higher profitability of their properties.

Gesvalt’s work within the different congregations consists of the search for the highest profitability of the Church’s assets for the investment of their benefit in the social work carried out by clerics around the world.

Our collaboration with Religious Entities begins thanks to Gesvalt team’s capability in real estate advisory, the company’s independence and good practice in contracting and conducting advisory services.

Services offered to Religious Institutions


  • Mortgage loan collateral.
  • Advisory in sale & purchase transactions / Market Value.
  • Valuations from previous years.
  • Advice on the property transfer for internal control purposes of the Financial Institution.
  • Calculation of Liquidation Value under an immediate sale scenario.



Determination of value in sales and acquisitions: sale and purchase, corporate and lease transactions. Having the information required throughout the sale and purchase process. Knowledge of the potential risks of the purchase and the factors that affect the final value of your property.

Portfolio valuation and Due Diligence: Knowledge of the Market Value of the property, the current market situation and trend. Financial projections. Different scenarios depending on the strategy and financial impact.


Valuation of Intangibles:

  • Valuation of real rights: concessions, surface rights, licenses, purchase options, easements for:
    • Corporate Transactions.
    • Financing processes.
    • Legal conflicts.

Expert valuation: Independent expert opinion reports, party’s expert reports, arbitration opinions, expert opinions, expropriations, liquidations, inheritances, separations, redundancy schemes, corporate conflicts or tax purposes.



Portfolio analysis and Due Diligence: For portfolio analysis and segmentation from the commercial, strategic, financial and real estate point of view. It is used for massive valuations (desktop, drive by, statistical).

Property Management and Optimization:

  • Analysis and segmentation of assets owned by companies and institutions.
  • Proposal for space optimization measures.
  • Analysis and optimization of costs associated with the property.


Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies are used to obtain the information prior to the signing of a contract. Therefore, it is the process by which a potential buyer evaluates one or more assets, in terms of:

  • Location and current configuration.
  • Ownership and occupancy status.
  • Administrative and town planning status.
  • Technical and normative compliance with its intended use.
  • Possibilities in the future.



Project Monitoring and Cost Control represents a very efficient tool for controlling the investments made by financial institutions, investment funds and developers in real estate developments. This service allows technical-financial monitoring of:

  • Execution and construction cost according to scheduled project specifications.
  • Developer’s legal and administrative requirements.
  • Planning and advance of the real estate development.
  • Financial and budgetary management of the real estate development.
  • Fulfilment of objectives in terms of time and cost.
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