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Intangible assets

Corporate Advisory


What are they?

They are signs that can be used to distinguish products and services. Trademarks may be denominative, graphic, mixed, three-dimensional and sound.

What functions do they fulfil?

They allow to identify the product or service, obtain legal protection and support business strategy.

Why are they important?

They are an identity sign, an indicator of quality, allow the differentiation of the product or service, advertise the firm and act as reputation guarantors.

Reasons for a trademark valuation

  • Strategic: Royalties, franchises, licences, total or partial transfer.
  • Accounting: Recording in the balance sheet, Purchase Price Allocation (PPA), impairment test.
  • Taxation: Transfer prices, deferred payment securities.
  • Financing: Mortgage loans secured with pledged collateral.
  • Legal: Litigation, loss of profit.


Before a potential sale as a result of retirement, search for a new location, acquisition by new pharmacy graduates, or other reasons, it is necessary to know the value of the pharmacy’s main asset: its goodwill, for the purposes of the transaction.

What is Pharmacy Goodwill?

It is the set of intangible assets (licence, customers, know how, reputation, etc.) owned by the pharmacy shop.

What is it used for?

As previously mentioned, it is essential to determine the price of the transaction, but most commonly it is requested to determine its value for the purposes of mortgage loans secured with pledged collateral.

Its value is usually higher than that of the tangible asset, and therefore the financing of these transactions is usually carried out with the contribution of these assets to secure the loan.

Why choose Gesvalt?

Our company has a long-term tradition in the valuation of pharmacies, located in both urban and rural environments and with various typologies (in commercial areas, in residential neighbourhoods, in shopping centres, etc.), being familiar with the demands of clients who request this type of reports (financial institutions, pharmacy graduates, brokers and consultants).


Concessions are grants of the right of use of property for a given period of time.

Fundamentally, they apply to infrastructures and distribution networks that require multiple coordinated services.

What are Administrative Concessions?

They are concessions whose purpose is the management of public-owned property, through the use, exploitation, operation of facilities and terminals, or construction of works in order to guarantee the provision of essential services for the citizens.

They require the cooperation of a private entity that executes a public work, manages a public service or takes advantage of public-owned property.

Why request the valuation of a concession?

These types of report are usually requested to determine the value for the purpose of a transfer, tender, determination of the market fee, litigation or financial guarantees.

Why choose Gesvalt?

Our company has a team of expert engineers, architects, accountants and financial experts with deep knowledge of the different sectors and businesses, all of them being familiar with regulatory compliance and understanding, optimising and streamlining processes, providing service coverage at the national and international level.

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