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RICS Valuations – International market

Real Estate Advisory

What are RICS Valuations?

RICS Valuations are valuations conducted according to the international standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is the world’s leading professional body representing real estate professionals and is globally recognized for its high quality standards. Gesvalt has a team of RICS accredited professionals specializing in different areas of the real estate market who conduct valuations in compliance with “RICS Valuation Standards – Global, 9th Edition.” Likewise, we maintain international alliances that allow us to provide coverage in the leading markets in the Americas and Europe.

What are RICS Valuations used for?

RICS Valuations are required preferentially in international or corporate transactions because of their high degree of recognition. They are also required on the valuation of real estate assets demanding a significant level of specialization (office buildings, logistics buildings, shopping centers, hotels, resorts, etc.).

Some of the operations in which they are used include:

  • Financing: International financial institutions use RICS reports to estimate the value of collateral. Likewise, some Spanish financial institutions admit RICS reports as these provide an additional view of real estate assets as a complement to ECO appraisals.
  • Determining value in sales & acquisitions: sale and purchase, corporate and lease transactions. Having the information required throughout the sale and purchase process. Knowledge of the potential risks of the purchase and the factors that affect the final value of your property.
  • Valuation for accounting, legal and tax purposes: Support of the Fair Value reflected in the company’s accounts. Depreciation and amortization. Follow-up on the change in the value of assets.
  • Valuation of Portfolios and Due Diligence. Knowledge of the Market Value of the property, the current market situation and trend. Financial projections. Different scenarios depending on the strategy and financial impact.
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Head of Real Estate Advisory Manager