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Due Diligence

Real Estate Advisory

What are Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies?

Due Diligence and Viability Studies are used to obtain information previous to the signing of a contract. Therefore, it is the process by which a potential buyer may evaluate one or various assets with regard to:

  • Location and current configuration
  • Ownership and occupancy status
  • Administrative and town planning status
  • Technical and normative compliance with its intended use
  • Possibilities in the future

What is a Due Diligence used for?

It serves to evaluate the risks of an asset:

  • At the time of the acquisition
  • With regard to dimensions and use
  • With regard to continuity considering its current use
  • Due to the cost requirement arising from normative and planning adaptation
  • Due to cost requirement arising from repair works

Gesvalt conducts Due Diligence throughout Spain. You can find us in all the main cities: MadridBarcelonaValenciaZaragozaBilbao, etc.

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