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Business Valuations

Corporate Advisory

Knowing the value of a business is the starting point for strategic decision making. The most common reasons for having a business valued include: the search for financing, the sale of the company or distribution in the event of inheritance or corporate conflicts. In addition, it serves as a business analysis tool.

When is it necessary to value a business?

Although the sale of a business is one of the most common reasons, knowing the value of a company on a regular basis facilitates professional management and making better decisions, enabling the detection of weaknesses and the adoption of appropriate corrective measures.

Reasons for a Business Valuation

  • Liquidity search: IPOs, securities-based loans, sale of shares, debt restructuring.
  • Corporate conflicts: successions, separations, exclusion of minority shareholders, redundancy plans.
  • Strategic: divestments, mergers & acquisitions, value-related payment, expansion plans.
  • Taxation: determination of gain or loss on the sale of shares, deferred payment security.
  • Accounting: Impairment test.

Why turn to Gesvalt?

A business valuation has numerous implications, so it is advisable to turn to an independent expert who provides objectivity, transparency and knowledge of the market and complies with national and international valuation standards and regulations, having the corresponding financial accreditations and approvals that provide solvency and rigour to the valuation coverage.

Consultor Gesvalt
Roberto Guiñales
Head of Financial Valuation