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Valuation and Advisory services for

Private Individuals


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Gesvalt advises private individuals and offers solutions based on their needs

At Gesvalt we care about our clients’ needs. We assist them in such important decisions as the acquisition or refinancing of their homes, inheritance, donation or divorce processes and court proceedings.

We take care of offering the best advice to get to know the rents in a specific area. In this way, it is possible to optimize rentals or carry out the valuation of an asset for tax purposes, either on a private basis or for better business management.

ECO appraisals are official documents that allow knowing the value of any type of property (housing unit, retail unit, industrial building, office, car park, hotel, land) or for the granting of a loan, to determine the market value of a property or to request the Administration to correct the value determined in the taxable amount of a tax: ITP (Property Transfer Tax), AJD (Documented Legal Acts Tax) and ISD (Inheritance and Donation Tax).

The appraisal determines the value of the property and requires the visit of a technician who performs the necessary checks on the condition, characteristics of the property and specific documentation (land registry and cadastral). Besides the value, the report includes information on the surroundings, supply of comparable properties in the area, layout plan and photographs of the property.

Gesvalt produces thousands of reports every year and has more than 20 years’ experience in the provision of services to private individuals. We also prepare advisory reports for better asset management, requested by either tenants or owners.

Services offered to Private Individuals


  • Mortgage loan collateral.
  • Advisory in sale & purchase transactions / Market Value.
  • Valuations for litigation purposes.
  • Inheritance.
  • Valuations from previous years.
  • Advice on the property transfer for internal control purposes of the Financial Institution.
  • Calculation of Liquidation Value under an immediate sale scenario.


Financing: International financial institutions use RICS reports to estimate the value of the collateral. Likewise, some Spanish financial institutions admit RICS reports since these provide an additional view of the real estate assets as a complement to ECO appraisal.

Determination of value in sales and acquisitions: sale and purchase, corporate and lease transactions. Having the information required throughout the sale and purchase process. Knowledge of the potential risks of the purchase and the factors that affect the final value of your property.


Valuation of Intangibles:

  • Valuation of brands, patents and image rights for various purposes:
    • Financial (M&A, collateral, contracts, information).
    • Legal (infringement of rights, tax planning).
    • Strategic (Marketing and Communication).
    • Accounting (impairment test).
  • Valuation of real rights: concessions, surface rights, licenses, purchase options, easements for:
    • Corporate Transactions.
    • Financing processes.
    • Legal conflicts.
  • Valuation of Goodwill for corporate transactions, financing processes or legal conflicts.

Business Valuation: Valuation of companies, valuation of businesses and business plans for corporate transactions, financing processes, legal disputes, remuneration packages or feasibility studies.

Expert valuation: Independent expert opinion reports, party’s expert reports, arbitration opinions, expert opinions, expropriations, liquidations, inheritances, separations, redundancy schemes, corporate conflicts or tax purposes.



  • Asset valuations for a wide variety of purposes:
  • Refinancing/collateral.
  • Determining sums insured in property insurance.
  • Sale and purchase in corporate transactions.
  • Accidents.
  • Public aid justification.


Project Feasibility Analysis, Product Definition and Business Analysis:

  • Conduct of market research on any asset class.
  • Definition of the most appropriate product on a commercial basis in each situation.
  • Commercial and financial feasibility of investment projects and real estate developments.
  • Preparation of financial projections.


Energy Audits involve the inspection, study and analysis of energy flows in a building, process or system, while Energy Certifications provide information on energy consumption and emissions, allowing to measure energy savings in terms of consumption:

  • They both arise from two national Royal Decrees, by transposition of European Directives.
  • Energy Certifications are generally mandatory for all buildings (there are exceptions).
  • Energy Audits are mandatory for large companies, as defined by the EU.
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