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Independent Business Review (IBRs)

Corporate Advisory

What is an IBR?

An Independent Business Review (IBR) is an independent third-party review report on the business plan made by the client or debtor.

Why are IBRs important?

The importance of IBRs lies in the fact that they provide financial institutions with comfort on the evolution of the company and its cash flow situation, generally in the context of debt refinancing.

What is Gesvalt’s added value in IBRs?

Gesvalt’s opinion provides transparency, objectivity and rigour to the business plans that make up the basis on which these refinancing processes are structured.

Services provided include

  • Analysis of the historical and future financial performance.
  • Study of the potential to cover present and future cash needs.
  • Actions to stabilise the business under different scenarios.
  • Analysis of the reasonableness of assumptions and risk awareness and measurement.
  • Mapping of the financial structure.
Consultor Gesvalt
Roberto Guiñales
Head of Financial Valuation