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Advice on SFDR regulations

Corporate Advisory

What are SFDR regulations?

These European regulations affect entities that market investment products in any Eurozone country.

The aim of the regulation is to ensure that all management companies and institutions classify their financial investment products using the corresponding sustainability levels, in accordance with the established criteria.

It specifies how to report and communicate sustainability risks, as well as their policy, objectives and methodology. This regulation is not only for sustainable investment products, but companies will also have to disclose their strategic business and policy decisions, including displaying specific sustainability information on their websites.

Which companies are required to submit this report?

The regulation applies to financial advisors and financial market participants: asset managers, investment firms and credit institutions, as well as large asset owners. Pension funds or insurance companies will also be affected.

What impact will it have on industry?

Asset managers and advisors will be required to demonstrate the sustainability of their products and ensure that their decision-making, risk management and disclosure processes are aligned with them.

What are PAIs (Principal Adverse Impacts)?

These are a set of indicators detailed in the SFDR Regulation’s Technical Review Criteria, which allow for the assessment of adverse sustainability impacts and which will need to be reported in the current financial year.

Why choose Gesvalt to help?

Our sustainability department boasts a team of experts specialising in accrediting your product’s sustainability and advising you on preparing reports, integrating investment decisions in the most efficient way possible.

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