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Technical Reports

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What are Technical Reports and Building Evaluation Reports?

Technical Reports can be requested by either companies or individuals, and refer to any technical or financial aspect of a construction project or can be related to the various litigation proceedings that usually arise in significant construction projects.

This service includes the conduct of several actions aimed at:

  • Determining the current condition and potential pathologies of the property
  • Checking floor areas and land plot delimitation
  • Formalizing appeal and claim processes related to appraisals, cadastral values and town planning modifications
  • Providing assistance in court proceedings, preparing certificates and complying with applicable regulations (fitness for habitation, etc.).

The former Technical Building Report (ITE), currently named Building Evaluation Report (IEE), includes all services that certify the condition of buildings, at least with regards to their state of preservation, compliance with applicable universal accessibility requirements and also the energy efficiency level. These reports arise from a national Royal Decree, although they are developed at regional and even local level.

In general, it is mandatory for certain properties within time or sectoral parameters defined in each regulation.

In addition, as a technical entity accredited and registered in the Vice-Ministry of Tourism of the Government of the Canary Islands, Gesvalt carries out technical inspections in tourist establishments in which buildings and facilities must be preserved and refurbished. In this way, we help the Canary Islands improve their position as a successful tourist destination and international reference, promoting the renewal and modernization of its tourism industry by diversifying its offer and specialization of uses, modulating growth within sustainable parameters. In addition, the Tourist Technical Inspection is mandatory for establishments for which at least 10 years have passed after completion of construction.

Why are Technical Reports and Building Evaluation Reports conducted?

  • Because they are a legislative obligation, which may result in sanctions or limitations on the use or enjoyment of property rights
  • Because they can become an opportunity

Gesvalt produces Technical Reports and Building Valuation Reports throughout Spain. You can find us in the main cities: MadridBarcelonaValenciaZaragozaBilbao, etc.

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