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Environmental Due Diligence

Real Estate Advisory

Why is Environmental Due Diligence important?

In the current context, the real estate sector is subject to new constraints and requirements that had never been so evident. These changes affect the process of investing in new assets: The way of accessing financing, M&A transactions and even sales, are conditioned by the environmental scope and requirements. Similarly, the importance of these factors in decision-making is seen in asset divestment.

An environmental due diligence audit is a tool for verifying the condition of an asset, land or company within the framework of current legislation, becoming a key aspect of the comprehensive technical-financial analysis of corporate economic activities.

How can Gesvalt help?

In this context, counting on a company with expertise in auditing the process from an environmental point of view allows us to achieve clear objectives:

  • Minimize risks (focusing especially on the potential risk of Soil Contamination).
  • Provide solvency to the transaction with at an environmental level towards third parties financing entities, administrations, clients, suppliers, etc.).
  • Carry out the work in good time and in an appropriate manner, adapting to the expectations of each transaction.
Consultor Gesvalt
Diego Vilaró
Director of Advisory Services