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Expert valuation for claims arising from Municipal Added Value Tax


Gesvalt provides the client with an expert report that will serve to challenge the payment of the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IIVTNU), paid as a consequence of the transfer of a property, an inheritance, donation, etc.

Origin of the need:

City Councils, based on the previous determination of land value and expected trend, have established specific percentage increases that have not been in line with the actual behaviour of land values.

These percentage increases have resulted in taxes that have motivated the claim by owners for refund of excess of payment, since the land value was lower than as of the date of the transfer (sale or inheritance).

Who can claim the amount?

Private Individual, in most cases due to sale or inheritance.

Real estate developers that acquired vacant land for development and sale of residential units.

How does Gesvalt work?

We provide a report that serves as an expert evidence to the client so that he can request the refund of IIVTNU excess payments.

GESVALT will provide a specific report (contradictory expert valuation) whose methodology in the value conclusions achieved rigorously justifies the calculation factors used in the land value as of the acquisition and transfer dates.

What do these reports prove?

Through our report, the client can prove that the percentage increase previously applied to each building by municipal tax ordinances does not correspond to the actual market behaviour.

For this purpose, Gesvalt has conducted e large number of reports for private clients, companies, bankruptcy administrations, legal offices or tax advisors. We remain at your disposal to provide you with our technical opinion or any questions that need to be solved.