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Online Home Valuations

Get in one minute, and for only 7 euros, an estimate that will help you make the best decisions.

Do You Want an Online Valuation of your Home?

Gesvalt places at the disposal of users the tool Gesvalt Online Valuations, with which you can receive a value estimate of a property for only 7 euros.

The statistical model developed by Gesvalt guarantees maximum quality of the online valuation report. Our model uses an actual database of Gesvalt appraisals combined with market data on supply of properties from 2 million records, which ensures a high degree of accuracy in the valuation.


What are the advantages of using our Online Home Valuation Tool?

In less than one minute and for a total cost of 7 euros, you will receive a report in which you will obtain, besides the estimated value of your home, a brief statistical analysis with a range of values and quality accuracy, approximate selling price and negotiation margin.

With this report you will be able to know whether the actual price of the property has a value in accordance to the real estate reality in the area. In this way, you will be able to negotiate a selling price from a knowledgeable position.


How does Gesvalt carry out its Online Valuations?

Online Valuations are performed by means of an algorithm that is fed by:

  • Gesvalt’s Database: Appraisals and comparables validated on an internal basis. These data are handled by expert professionals who provide rigour to the process.
  • Market data on housing supply throughout the country, which is updated in real time.
  • Location and contrast through geopositioning and cadastral information.


Something important you should know

Values and prices shown in the online valuation report are approximations for guidance only.

Online valuations are not official appraisals.

Should you decide to buy a mortgage appraisal, the price of the online valuation will be discounted off the total price. So, you would get your online report for free.

Upon completion of the purchase of your online valuation you will receive an email with the discount code.


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