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Gesvalt is committed to the preservation of the oceans and creates a campaign to say goodbye to plastic

16 December 2019

Gesvalt ha impulsado una campaña de carácter tanto interno como externo, denominada “Adiós al plástico”, en la que se engloba esta acción solidaria y por la que se compromete a donar un euro por cada post que se comparta en redes sociales sobre este asunto.

Gesvalt is committed to the preservation of the oceans and creates a campaign to say goodbye to plastic

Gesvalt has promoted, at both internal and external level, a campaign called “Adiós al Plástico” (“Goodbye to plastic”), which includes this solidarity action and for which it makes the commitment to donate one euro for each post shared on social media in relation to this matter.

Gesvalt has launched a new initiative to assist in the cleaning and removal of ocean waste, as well as raise awareness -among both the company’s professionals and society in general- on the need to reduce the use of plastics.

In this sense, the company will cooperate with NGO The Ocean Cleanup, to which it will make a donation aimed at collaborating in ocean cleaning activities. This initiative is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, called ‘Gesvalt Committed’, focused on making visible and, above all, raising awareness about issues such as marine pollution.



The Ocean Cleanup, a pioneer in its field, is mainly composed of engineers and researchers, who have developed an innovative system deploy a fleet of long floating barriers that act like an artificial coastline, enabling the winds, waves, and currents to passively catch and concentrate the plastic. Once fully operational, for which donations such as the one Gesvalt will make are needed, this system is expected to remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every five years’ time.

Germán Casaseca, CEO of Gesvalt, stated that “this type of solidarity initiatives are part of our company’s philosophy, where we have always been very aware of the importance of preserving our ecosystem and where we have long been implementing improvements in our day-to-day work in order to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Great achievements begin with small steps and in Gesvalt we will continue to work to minimize the use of plastics and do our bit for a better ecosystem”.