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How much is a pharmacy worth? Factors that influence valuation

3 de April de 2018

Buying a pharmacy is an important economic decision. With a growing market, having reliable information on the price of the asset and knowing the elements that are at play in the valuation facilities quick and sensible decision making.

How much is a pharmacy worth? Factors that influence valuation

With the return of investment to the fore, the pharmacy market is starting to gain momentum and become sought after by pharmaceutical graduates. Getting a valuation that weighs up all key factors and provides you with a good value when the occasion arises is key to fast decision making. Below, we will explain the influential factors that let you know how much a pharmacy is worth.

Pharmacy buying and selling market evolution

The pharmacy market in Spain has been growing since 2016 at a level more or less comparable to that of a decade ago. Linked to the behaviour of the real estate market, it has picked up pace with renewed interest and more people getting involved.

How the price of a pharmacy is calculated: some tips for buyers and sellers

Before a potential transaction, usually due to an upcoming retirement, the search for a new location, buyout from new licensees, etc. the time comes to ask how much a pharmacy is worth.

What valuation methodology is the most accurate?

Gesvalt use the widely accepted Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) methodology of valuation, comparing results as always with similar methodologies: such as calculating multiples in terms of billing and asset location.
This is always done with the strictest confidentiality.

How is a pharmacy valuation carried out?

The Gesvalt report uses all potential company information valuing the goodwill by means of an estimation of revenue and the inclusion of associated risks. This model looks at variables such as location, key clients (health centres, nursing homes, hospitals, day centres, etc.) opening times, how often the pharmacy is on call, personnel employed, proximity to other pharmacies.
It also takes into account intangible assets, that determine the valuation. We are referring here to the aspects that are not physically seen, but can play a part in economic performance.
Intangibles such as type of clientele, experience the employees have, customer loyalty, relation with suppliers, brand value, a lot of times these are more relevant than tangible assets.

What does the free pharmacy valuation service consist of?

Gesvalt offers a free, handy service that indicates the value range of a pharmacy. This is a useful way of checking the range of values for consultants and pharmacy graduates that are looking for an answer within 24 hours. What kind of information do we request for this service? Similar criteria for any other business: pharmacy taxes, location and billing characteristics.

Why choose Gesvalt for a pharmacy valuation?

The company has a long tradition of pharmacy valuation, in both urban and rural areas, as well as different typologies (in commercial areas, in residential neighbourhoods, shopping centres, etc.) Gesvalt has professionals with vast experience in carrying out such valuations, a prerequisite for credit companies.
With this renewed interest in the buying and selling of pharmacies, we usually work with banks and consultants that are looking to assess pharmacies at a legal and financial level, and pharmacy graduates who are looking for business opportunities.