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Sustainability Certifications

Gesvalt prepares internationally recognised certificates: BREEAM, LEED or VERDE.

Project Monitoring, with the possibility of including a BREEAM certification.

Environmental Due Diligence

Assessment of environmental factors and risks of real estate assets in the context of investment or disinvestment processes. At Gesvalt, we focus especially on land contamination issues.

Energy Audits for Large Companies

Regulatory Energy Audits, according to RD 56/2016, being mandatory every four years, and must cover at least 85% of the total final energy consumption of all facilities across the national territory.


Support in Decarbonization Processes

By applying the Life- Cycle Analysis general approach, and based on an initial diagnosis, we propose corrective measures for the reduction of the carbon, water and environmental footprint both in activities and products.

Preparation of the Non-Financial Reporting (NFRS) Statement

From 1 January 2022, a growing number of companies are subject to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). Gesvalt advises its clients on the preparation of the Non-Financial Reporting (NFRS) Statement.

Preparation of Green Financing Framework

In line with our objective of providing the company with global ESG solutions, Gesvalt advises on the development of the Green Financing Framework, which allows our clients to align their financing strategy with their sustainability strategy and their commitment to the decarbonisation of the economy.

Advice on European Taxonomy

Gesvalt advises its clients on compliance with the disclosure obligations established by the European Taxonomy Regulation on the sustainability of the activities they carry out.

Sustainable is an economic activity that contributes substantially to the achievement of one or more of the six environmental goals established, without significant detriment to the rest of these goals.

Advice on GRESB Certification

Since 2009, GRESB has been the ESG standard for real estate investors, developers and asset managers worldwide with more than 1,500 properties analysed.

Advice SFDR Regulation

The European SFDR regulation came into force in November 2021. This regulation aims to ensure that advisors and financial market participants (asset managers, investment companies and credit institutions), as well as large asset owners, pension funds and insurance companies, classify their financial investment products in accordance with established sustainability criteria.

The SFDR regulation aims to communicate not only sustainable investment products, but also information about the companies’ strategic business, policy, objectives and methodology by including specific sustainability information on their websites.

Who are they aimed at?

  • Real estate developers, REITs, family offices, industrial companies and financiers, due to their regulatory requirements, in terms of energy audits, green financing or environmental certifications and studies.
  • Companies subject to NFRD that carry out environmentally sensitive activities, with more than 250 workers, that also meet specific turnover and/or asset value requirements.

Gesvalt provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process: pre-valuation, submission of proposals and support in the implementation of recommendations.

Why choose Gesvalt?

Gesvalt has a team of auditing experts focused on waste management, soil contamination, hydrogeological issues, lead, and radon.

  • Experience of more than 30 years in the area of Advisory.
  • Associate Member of Green Building Council España (GBCe).
  • Comprehensive support for BREEAM and LEED certification.
  • RICS registered company.
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