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Project Management

What are Project Management and Delegated Development?

Project Management and Delegated Development refer to comprehensive technical services carried out on behalf of the client with regard to planning, organization and control of the resources with the purpose of:

  • Developing a real estate project as a technical team (partner service), in the case of Project Management.
  • Assuming almost all the developer’s duties, except for the financial one, in the case of Delegated Development.

What are Project Management and Delegated Development services used for?

They serve to:

  • Develop real estate projects without having a technical and management team.
  • Delegate technical decisions to experts, focusing on the quality of the real estate product.
  • Assuring a certain investment in a certain period of time, anticipating risks and decisions.

Gesvalt offers Project Management and Delegated Development services throughout Spain. You can find us in the main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, etc… see locations

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