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Financial Advisory

What is Financial Advisory?

Gesvalt, as a leading financial advisory company in its sector, offers Financial Advisory for the analysis, study and financial diagnosis, aimed at providing professional advice that gives clients solutions and strategies that serve as a support at the time of making decisions and resolving challenges.

Financial Advisory Services

1. Valuation of Intangibles

This is the valuation of patronymic or heritage elements of an immaterial nature with the capacity to generate future economic profits that can be controlled by the economic unit, being thus a right susceptible to economic valuation.

At times, these are the most important assets of a company, but the complexity of determining assets’ value in many cases results — unless there is an establishing legal framework — in the assets’ value being unknown.

  • Purchase Price Allocation in M&A processes
  • Valuation of brands, patents, image rights for various purposes:
    • Financial (M&A, collateral, contracts, information)
    • Legal (infringement of rights, tax planning)
    • Strategic (Marketing & Communication)
    • Accounting (impairment test)
  • Valuation of real rights: concessions, surface rights, licenses, purchase options, easements for:
    • Corporate transactions
    • Financing processes
    • Legal conflicts
  • Valuation of Goodwill for corporate transactions, financing processes or legal conflicts.

2. Business Enterprise Valuation

Valuations of companies, valuations of businesses and business plans for corporate transactions, financing processes, legal conflicts, remuneration packages and feasibility studies.

3. Expert Valuation

Independent expert opinion reports, party’s expert reports, arbitration opinions, expert opinions, expropriations, liquidations, inheritances, separations, redundancy schemes, corporate conflicts or tax purposes.

Gesvalt offers services in financial advisory, industrial advisory, strategic advisory, real estate advisory and advice for transactions and investments. We are the leading advisory company in Spain, and you can find us in the main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, etc.

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